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Welcome to Save Your Legacy, where we take pride in preserving your precious legacy for generations to come through custom metal photo panels. A few years ago I had battled and beat cancer. The realization came to me that if I wanted my story to live on I needed to organize and preserve my story first. This task began with going through over 80,000 image files on my computer alone. As you could imagine, this wasn’t a small task. While going through my files I started choosing the photos that were most important for me and my story. The next task was to decide how I was going to keep and preserve these important photos that would tell the story of my legacy. It was at this point that I found metal photography and began the daunting task of preserving all those precious milestones in my life, that I wanted to live long after I was gone. With metal photography my legacy is sure to live for at least another 200 years. It was then that I decided I wanted to help others do the same…

Whether you have distressed or severly deteriorated photos or pristine photographs Save Your Legacy is commited to helping you tell your legacy for generations to come. Please tell us your story in the comment section below. Until then, heres to your legacy…

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gunny sgt leon burns

Remembering an American Hero

In an era when media runs rampant my team found it hard to find news and media regarding the passing of Navy Cross Recipient, Gunny Sgt. Leon Burns. However we found the following information as quoted on the website http://www.vva47.com/

Lee was quite the man. A very humble man. Lee received the Navy Cross for his heroic actions in Vietnam. I never once heard him tell anyone he that he was a recipient of the Navy Cross. It was always someone else mentioning his Navy Cross, never Lee.

Staff Sergeant Burns was presented with the Navy Cross for moving “through the intense fire, with complete disregard for his own safety, to call in and adjust air strikes against the numerically superior enemy force. After the fulfillment of this mission, he led his men in a withdrawal along the highway. As the column moved along the highway, they were taken under devastating enemy mortar and artillery fire. Again exhibiting fearless leadership, he moved up and down the column encouraging his men and directing them into fighting holes to organize a defense position and personally carried two Marines to the landing zone.”

A few years back we were at the Arcadia Memorial Day event when Lee stopped by to say hi. The Marines had a booth set up across the aisle from us. I told Lee I wanted him to meet someone and to come with me. I took him to the Marine booth where there were 4 young Iraqi Veteran Marines. I introduced Lee to them and let them know he was a Navy Cross recipient. Everyone of these Marines shook Lee’s hand more than once. They stood there and talked to him for a long time. Lee, he was just as humble as ever. What a man. He will be missed.

A few years back the chapter honored Lee at the Riverside Salute to Veterans Parade when we had him as one of our four special guest riding on the chapter float. He was so honored to think that we would have him riding on the float.

His Navy Cross Citation is located at: http://projects.militarytimes.com/citations-medals-awards/recipient.php?recipientid=4052
Staff Sgt. Leon Burns is and will always be an American hero, and we wanted to share his legacy with you. Please share the legacy of your heroes with us in the comment section below.