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Welcome to Save Your Legacy, where we take pride in preserving your precious legacy for generations to come through custom metal photo panels. A few years ago I had battled and beat cancer. The realization came to me that if I wanted my story to live on I needed to organize and preserve my story first. This task began with going through over 80,000 image files on my computer alone. As you could imagine, this wasn’t a small task. While going through my files I started choosing the photos that were most important for me and my story. The next task was to decide how I was going to keep and preserve these important photos that would tell the story of my legacy. It was at this point that I found metal photography and began the daunting task of preserving all those precious milestones in my life, that I wanted to live long after I was gone. With metal photography my legacy is sure to live for at least another 200 years. It was then that I decided I wanted to help others do the same…

Whether you have distressed or severly deteriorated photos or pristine photographs Save Your Legacy is commited to helping you tell your legacy for generations to come. Please tell us your story in the comment section below. Until then, heres to your legacy…

To your legacy,

Rod Fink, Founder

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